What Is This About?

And Why TikTok Accelerator Is For You

After Using This Kit...

Here is what is going to happen to you after you go through everything in the TikTok Growth Kit.

  • Know exactly how to set up your profile for the most success before creating any content

  • Know how to create content that stands out on the FYP and TikTok search

  • What content you need to be creating to make money through TikTok and how to do it

What's Inside

Both Videos and Books to Help You Excel

    1. Welcome to the TikTok Accelerator

    1. Picking a Niche

    2. TikTok Workbook

    3. TikTok Starter Guide

    1. Intro

    2. Top of Page

    3. Your Bio

    4. Link in Bio

    1. Intro

    2. The Hook

    3. The Buildup

    4. The Outcome

    5. The Call to Action

    1. TikTok Growth

    2. Checklist Before Filming

    3. Checklist While Filming

    4. Checklist After Filming

    5. Checklist After Publishing

    6. TikTok Stories

    7. TikTok Now

    1. Intro

    2. All About Keywords

    3. TikTok SEO

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Start Today, Grow Tomorrow

More and more people are joining TikTok daily. It's time they got to meet you.


  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yep, you have 14 days to go through the Kit. If it's not what you wanted it to be simply email a refund request to [email protected].

  • How long will it take me to go through this?

    Growing on TikTok shouldn't be complicated and neither should learning how to do it. You can go through all of the material over a weekend.

  • Is this a subscription?

    Nope. Just a one-time payment and you keep it forever.